About Us

Truway Strategic Sdn Bhd

Truway Strategic Sdn Bhd is a One-stop manpower solution provider for foreign & local worker recruitment for businesses & companies in Malaysia, we are professional recruitment agency in Malaysia. We have multi-national workers recruitment networking and capability, we named our team as Strategic Manpower Solution Provider in Foreign Labour Recruitment.

Our major clients vary from different industries including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, plantation & services sector. With our well-trained employment agent personnel and responsive service, we continue to maintain good relationship with our clients and obtain recurring orders throughout the years.

We believe that we have helped our clients match the talents & candidates according to the needs and suitability of their company’s organization with our integrated offer of labours from Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India & etc.

Our Value - Truway Spirits

True Way

of getting suitable talents & candidate
for clients.

True Way

of minimizing clients�?cost of employment
with packaged recruitment service.

True Way

of solving workers�?issues and disputes
to ensure free of problems for clients.


Our Vision

To be the most trustable, reliable and dependable Employ Agency in Malaysia.


Our Mission

To help growing our customers�?business further by providing efficient and professional foreign workers recruitment services.